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Can you see straight into your living room and clearly see your new laptop, big-screen TV or audio system etc? Many properties on modern estates have corner properties with no gardens allowing pedestrians to view right into your personal spaces.

Maybe buying some net or cafe net (lower half only) curtains (cheap if you visit Coventry Market) or even blinds that can be angled for reduced vision inwards would be wise? All are easily available from local shops/ superstores online and there are also large ranges of window films available from eBay, The Range and other superstores that can simply mimic any glass effect from slightly opaque to fully frosted with snowflakes pattern, whilst still allowing lots of light in. You can purchase ‘friction applied’ that slides on with water or more permanent self-adhesive (“sticky back plastic”, if you’re old enough to get that reference?). That shed window could be made to no longer give away what expensive lawnmower or bike it contains.

Do I have to state that it is always wise to draw your curtains at night to keep intruders eyes off all your prized possessions. New-build areas like Bannerbrook Park, do lack the privacy of front garden fences and long front and rear gardens etc. Blackout curtains also go a long way to prevent shadows broadcasting your movements, exact bedtimes and are known to benefit restful sleep too.


Are any windows left open? There are ventilators above all modern double glazed units fitted, or can be bought online and simply fitted and can then be left open all day. You may have missed this simple trick too: All modern double glazed units also have a double striker plate inside the frame and you will find windows can be fully locked whilst 13mm (1/2” in old money!) or so open. Look inside the frame and you will see how it works. The window lock button fully engages with the same click as when the window is fully closed.


Do you have a shed with puny locks? A ladder left out will help someone up to a “safely open” upper storey window? A spade carelessly left in the garden is handy. Garden spades are renown as great tools for lifting out old style sliding patio doors and any other tools you leave around are also going to be very helpful indeed. Burglars don’t risk going out with tools (except a pair of gloves to leave no fingerprints) in case they get stopped. So please keep all of your tools in a secure garage or a shed fitted with a nice heavy-duty ‘hasp and staple’. Let’s face it, you’re gonna be mad if they just decide to nick your favourite gardening tools to sell down the publ!

TIP: Use fine bolts and nuts with big ‘penny’ washers to secure devices through wooden doors and frames, instead of the provided screws. They cannot be easily unscrewed from the front or levered off. Secure with a great big, shiny padlock through the top . Fitting one OVER an original shed lever lock keyhole is smart and it becomes double locked. Yes, advertising works, a BIG, SHINY padlock says we know you want easy pickings, so trot on!

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