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A simple test to see how secure your property is to just walk to the far side of your garden wall and look through the eyes of a teenager. That carelessly left wheelie bin could be one quick step up and over the wall into your garden to retrieve a football or for something far more sinister!

Gaps in your perimeter, a broken wall, a low or flimsy fence or gate taken for granted ? It’s time to take action and fix that first of all then! If your garden backs onto another, it is still wise to ensure any fences are secure on your own side, especially if neighbours are elderly. Sometimes the suggestion of a shared cost to replace a low party fence with a nice, new, bigger one will be greeted with a firm “yes please”.


There are numerous solutions to low walls or fences, from screwing decorative wooden trellis type top arches onto fence tops. Then there is available vast ranges of high, ornamental fleur-de-leys, spear/spike ends on 1 or 2 metre long metal strips that just screw on for around £11 per metre. This can make any wall or fence 6 to 8” higher without obstructing light into your garden ( See sources such as eBay / Wilkes / B&Q etc). These can look very nice and also are quite psychologically off-putting to prospective climbers as they visually add height to the perimeter. There are lots of variations on this theme, from plastic fence toppings designed to deter cats and birds, to some funky looking plastic or metal multi-point cone or spike setups that look like they are straight out of the film Mad Max ! Many are very cost-effective and available at numerous DIY or garden centres.


A less aggressive solution is an anti-vandal paint that is designed never to set after application. It’s horrible, black, nasty stuff and will leave evidence of / on anyone trying to climb into your property! A sign on the outside of the wall warning of it is of course optional, as with all security products, but remember cats and other animals cannot read!. A holly type bush (a Persimmons favourite) or climbing brambles are nasty surprises too, but will take a while to establish in your garden and require some maintenance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are now laws about an intruders ‘health and safety on your property’, so make sure you are aware of them. Bearing this in mind I would perhaps steer clear of Razor-wire, electrified fences, elephant traps and crocodile infested moats ( A classic English solution!).

A popular choice for bigger properties are gravel paths and roadways. Why? You cannot walk quietly over them, they broadcast any visitor’s presence with lots of noise.

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