Please note: The content of this article is only to advise you. Should to wish to implement any advice, you do so at your own risk. Please ensure you follow the law at all times.

The How Secure Is Your Home series of articles have partly been prompted by a meeting with Police at Coventry’s Fletchamstead Police station on behalf of Bannerbrook Residents Association. We attended with a number of other local Resident Association reps and officials and were informed that the current workforce is to be scaled down to only FOUR, full time officers from 2017. This is to cover all of their 4 current (voting) wards which roughly encompases areas from Westwood Heath through to Allesley Park, maybe more, but we’re not fully clued up on exact Policing areas, sorry.  Even the chap chairing the meeting was retiring! Speak to your local councillor if you need more information as these people are trying to put your views across and do attend BRA meetings each month at the Massey Ferguson Club.

The Police also ask that you report any criminal acts or behaviour using the 101 number. Be prepared to wait a while for it to be answered though. But no phone calls means no reports passed back to our local bobby the next morning and then nothing is followed up.


Please do spend time doing your research, follow the simple steps outlined in the How Secure Is Your Home series of articles and do take time to get 3 (equivalent) quotations from reputable professional security companies. Do ask around your neighbourhood about equivalent equipment your neighbours have installed and don’t be pressured by “buy it now for a discount” salesmen, or offers of the latest super system “only we supply”. It’s just like buying a telly really. The next seller will have something just as good. Generally sellers sell the items with the best profit margins FOR THEMSELVES. The 2nd and 3rd offers always get cheaper with big companies, and they may offer very affordable terms and contracts for you.

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