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If you get on well with your neighbour, cameras could be set up to monitor their properties from a neighbouring system ( sharing costs? ) or maybe just create a camera crossover network to protect all adjoining neighbours with multiple angle images of any suspicious characters on or approaching your property. Camera angles can also be wide enough to ‘accidentally’ catch anti-social behaviour across open spaces or roadways but as with floodlights, do try not to monitor neighbours property if they do not wish you too. Separate monitors are no longer required, just tune the DVD box into an unused TV input channel and watch outside from any room in your house that you wish with the click of a remote control. Simple systems will easily be equipped to monitor four camera channels , but remember you don’t need to monitor it constantly. All functioning camera feeds are recorded into the high quality DVD unit that you will be recommended to purchase and it simply stores all camera data onto a monthly loop and you have only to click back through if you feel a need to review footage, and as an added bonus this can be done at high speed!

So if you get home one night and a hooded character scuttles away from a dark corner or a neighbour mentions a possible problem, you can just rewind and watch all your camera channels spool through at once, at high speed, then zoom into one and take a snapshot of the offender, or disregard an innocent loiterer as you determine.

There are a number of Bannerbrook social networks and websites etc on sites such as Facebook and your neighbours may have other networks on their smartphones. So why not get on them and we will try to establish some long term continuity and initiate a Neighbourhood Watch scheme too.


Did you know that most modern camera systems are also internet compatible, so it is possible to check your home cameras whilst at work using a smart-phone, or check who is at the door from your sofa, as my dear Godson has got into the habit of doing!!

The only downside is if you get burgled and they think to steal the DVD box, therefore taking the evidence. So maybe a hidden location or upload system is wise. These units are only the size of a a Sky TV box, after all, and as I state can be channelled into any TV you wish. It could all be in your loft or built into a cupboard or closet.

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