Bannerbrook Park

This series of articles are based on the BannerWatch Project on the Bannerbrook Park Estate, Coventry.


This ‘project’ all started when I volunteered / was volunteered to be a representative of Bannerbrook Residents Association at the Police / Community monthly meeting in November 2016 at the Canley Police Station. It was made very clear to me that the level of Police officers in my local 4 ‘wards’ ( a group of estates) were to be very heavily scaled down, due partly to the lack of ‘Reported Crime’ in these wards. This information is generally compiled through the 999 emergency and newer 101 phone system, that is in place for non-emergency phonecalls. Even the senior officer chairing that meeting was retiring! (There is a big clue here to police response. Don’t just moan on Facebook about it, make sure you RING IT IN TO THE POLICE CONTACT LINE FIRST).

  • Phone 999 for emergencies / criminal acts.
  • Phone 101 for anti-social / other matters.

I have heard and voiced concerns that the 101 system may not be sufficiently manned and reporting an incident such as ‘anti-social behaviour’, for example, may entail being on hold’ for a period of up to perhaps 40 to 50 minutes before it is answered during busy periods! This matter needs seriously addressing, as it appears that an extended delay leads to a reduction in ‘reported crime’ , through ‘dropped calls’ (frustration leading to hanging up of the call from the complainant), therefore producing a reduction of actual logged incidents and the matter not being properly recorded and addressed by the authorities. If you need to ring 101, and I stress, to please do so, then be prepared to wait for an answer, so your local officer receives a relevant log report on their next shift. If you are complacent reporting it, then the offence becomes ignored and will flourish.

At our last meeting with our local officer ( 10/03/2017) , we were advised that the 101 unit was recruiting more staff. We shall hope to see a far more efficient service in future. We are watching.

I returned to the Residents Association to report on this and made it clear to my attending neighbours that the days of 100% reliance of a Police response to incidents such as car or household crime may not even be responded to with a physical visit from an officer. I felt like just blurting out we’re on our own now but I’m not as blunt as I used to be so said It appears we are pretty much on our own and best look to ourselves to police our estate”.

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