Bannerbrook Park


I have been highly impressed with residents coming forward in times of concern, instantly pooling identifying information, photographs, CCTV footage, exact locations and activity in real time alerts. We are a pro-active, instantly reactive, network of neighbours, that has the ability to react faster than the Police as we are at point of incident by default (we live here). We pool information, make fast decisions and do not doubt that anyone is not actively working for the benefit of their neighbours. The minimal times of ‘false alarm’ become ‘in-jokes’ and we do not fear we are making a mistake, because it can do no harm to an innocent person going about their business in a normal way. We are all getting to meet new neighbours as we work together and everybody has made a new friend somewhere along the way too.

At Christmas, as the new phenomenon of car door tryers emerged, basically criminals walking for miles each night trying every car door they pass. We put out regular warnings to ‘Not leave valuables in view, even coins. Don’t leave suction pad marks on windscreens and just shove your SatNav under a seat!’. This seems to have stemmed the flow of these low end criminals as it is a long walk across Coventry to Bannerbrook Park to come away with nothing at all. A simple message repeatedly posted worked!


I had written quite a few technical articles in specialist automotive magazines, so I decided to spend a good few hours writing a few basic (common sense) security articles on Home Security firstly and then another on Automotive Security. These are published on the Bannerbrook Residents Association website by other enthusiastic volunteers and many security concerns are referred to in these from a simple, ‘common sense’ starting point. We have covered basic D.I.Y security device fitting advice is also, if you have the skills to implement it, and others will gladly offer advice or help. I have also come across some startling information freely available on YouTube about how to break open padlocks easily, so wrote a further article on far superior designs of the humble padlock. It’s worth reading as it’s a bit of an eye opener, especially if you have abusiness and were not aware that insurers set a minimum standard for padlocks!

The theft of high value alloy wheels was partly stemmed by advice post about fitting aftermarket wheel locks as AUDI / BMW etc kits of standard lock keys are available online.

We do not profess to know everything, we are mainly keen amateurs, and all of us welcome any helpful additions posted or forwarded to the website admin and offer free distribution of all of the information to neighbouring estates in their efforts to promote ‘overall estate security’. Remember: ‘Security starts at home and looking after your neighbours, literally covers your back too! We have done this work, you can just re-post it on your own website and share anything your network produces. We have given you a ‘blueprint for success’!

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